bathroom designs

bathroom designs
  • 3 Fabulous Tips for a Great Bathroom Design

    3 Fabulous Tips for a Great Bathroom Design

    Did you know that you could express yourself when you decorate your bathroom? Don’t laugh! It’s absolutely true. It happens when you keep in your mind that the colors and the materials you choose to decorate your bathroom with, reflect your own personal tastes. In this article, we will show you how to decorate your bathroom and make it gorgeous. 1- First when you select a special Theme for your bathroom. Every one of us has a different personality. So, choosing a specific theme reflects your unique personality. Some people prefer light and colorful themes other may prefer a beach-like theme. Everyone shows his personal and special style in the bathroom decor that he prefers. 2- The materials you choose for your bathroom can reflect your personality as well. The materials you prefer will be the fundament for the products you choose. If you are one of the people who…

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  • Impressive and Relaxing Shower Area Design Ideas

    Impressive and Relaxing Shower Area Design Ideas

    Taking a shower in a relaxing bathroom is a great experience that will let you relaxed and entertained the rest of your day. You can design an impressive shower area to get the serenity of the spasand the warmth of the homey feel using different designs of shower areas. The steam shower room will be an impressive design that will give you an incredibly relaxing feel. Such a room consists of a shower head in addition to the entertaining means such as whirlpool bath jets, an LCD TV, and acupuncture massage jets to let you spend an amusing experience. The egg shaped shower area will give you the serenity and privacy of spa as it has hydro massagers and mood lights. The waterfall showerhead will be a luxurious and impressive option that will give you the feel of a delicate natural spring waterfall flowing over your head and body. There…

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  • Bathroom Shower Curtains – Original Decorating Ideas

    Bathroom Shower Curtains – Original Decorating Ideas

    More often than not, a shower curtain can dramatically change the dynamics of your bathroom. Whether you install one that adeptly matches your bathroom’s colors or go for a more offbeat choice, it’s the quickest and easiest way to enhance charm and beauty of the whole setting. All it takes is for you to adjust a spring loaded rod between two walls and then suspend the curtain from it by using metal, chromic, or plastic shower hooks. Shower curtains are usually made of vinyl or fabric. Since vinyl shower curtains aren’t durable enough and fabric ones can easily be wet, seek out a fabric curtain with impermeable vinyl liner. Those curtains are specially coated with waterproof materials so that it’s easily cleaned and not ruined from bathwater. Also, ones made of polyester or sturdy vinyl PVC plastic are also very popular. Though, make sure that your curtain fabric is thick…

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  • Bathroom Designs idealistic Ideas

    Bathroom Designs idealistic Ideas

    Nowadays bathroom serves a lot of purposes so be the one to make wise decisions that will help you to get an ideal bathroom. Through the following ideas, you will gain enough experience to make the right decision. In fact, most people don’t give priority to the bathroom design. With some innovative bathroom design ideas, you can transform your bathroom into a home-spa. If you like romance and want to create a romantic atmosphere in your bathroom, all that you need is a Victorian style bathroom. One of the idealistic ideas is adding a French flair and peach-colored voluminous silk curtains to enhance the romantic feel. If your home with smaller floor area and you want to spend few sums of money, the ideal option is minimalist design. Keep up with the spirit of juvenility with contemporary design for your bathroom. Remember, adding modern lighting installation will boost your bathroom…

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  • Small Bathroom Interior Design Ideas

    Small Bathroom Interior Design Ideas

    Designing a new bathroom is very important whether you are renovating or re-designing it, so take your time and make your search so you will be satisfied with the results. There are so many things you should consider while designing your bathroom. A great place to start your research is to focus on the overall look and atmosphere that you want to create in your bathroom. Another thing you should consider is plumbing as it can be expensive if you need to move plumbing from one side of the house to another. What you should also consider while designing your bathroom is whether you want a separate bath tub from shower, or do you need to put the shower over the tub? There are many types and sizes of bath tubs that you can choose from, such as vintage look claw foot bath or modern stand-alone tubs. Storage is also…

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  • European Bathroom Design

    European Bathroom Design – European design

    Europe is prominent for producing the latest stylish trends for all sorts of designs. Seekers of elegant style choose European design even in their bathrooms. You might regard bathrooms as places of utility where design is irrelevant but as other rooms any residences, bathroom design need to be carefully thought of prior to implementation. If you are interested to know more about European bathroom design, continue reading… The first thing that distinguishes the design of European bathrooms is that the toilet room is usually separate from the bathroom. This helps to maintain hygiene and also allows someone to use the bathroom while another is using the toilet without waiting for one another. Bathroom furniture in European design can be odd to several persons. For instance, the bidet is very common in European bathrooms while it is unseen in most American bathrooms. Another European touch for your bathroom design is the…

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  • How to Choose the Perfect Materials for Your bathroom Amenities by KBA Design Team

    How to Choose the Perfect Materials for Your bathroom Amenities by KBA Design Team

    Are you about to remodel your modern bathroom or design a new one? This is somehow hard task that can break the bank, but the result will satisfy you, especially if can your time and choose the right materials, colors, and capabilities for the place. Your bathroom amenities are exposed to humid and wet environment, thus need to be made of water and mildew resistant materials. For example, you can choose laminate, thermofoil, or veneer wooden vanity with an easy to clean top such as quartz, laminate, granite, recycled glass, lava, or porcelain countertop. Accordingly, you can choose the sink material, as you can find ceramic, porcelain, metal, Corian, and quartz sinks with different shapes such as pedestal, console, drop-in, vessel, wall-mounted, under-mount, or double sinks. The bathtub can be single or double-ended bath, roll top, freestanding, whirlpool, corner, or shower bathtub. Your modern bathroom will be more effective and…

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  • Feature of Your Dream Master Bathroom by Lee Kimball

    Feature of Your Dream Master Bathroom by Lee Kimball

    At your bathroom design or remodel, you should achieve most of your wish list elements within your budget limit. If you are still confused, Lee Kimball will help you define the suitable designs and materials for your bathroom and your taste at the same time. To create a personal retreat, your bathroom should be eco-friendly, highly functional, glamorous, and durable. If your bathroom is too small, the mirrored wall, corner shelves, and skylights should be at the top of your wish list to provide the place a spacious and clean look. The dual and waterfall showerheads are the best alternatives to the bathtub, yet you can install a Japanese soaking tub in your small bathroom and a sauna in your large space. You can keep the airy and luxurious look of your dream bathroom installing sneaky storage spaces such as organized pullout shelves along an unused wall or even under…

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  • Add Five Star Features to Your Bedroom and Bathroom with the Help of Emily Stewart

    Add Five Star Features to Your Bedroom and Bathroom with the Help of Emily Stewart

    Creating a peaceful look in the personal rooms such as your bedroom and bathroom can turn your home into your favorite retreat. To create such a peaceful look, Emily Stewart of Montgomery Roth Interior Design team will help you inspire the applicable features of five-star hotels and apply them in your coming bedroom and bathroom remodel. Sleeping in a dramatic and cozy space is helps you sleep deeply and enhance your mood every morning, but the open space feel is an ideal touch to add five star hotel features to your bedroom. The large and wide windows, glass sliding walls, large balconies, and single floor option in the whole space can easily blend the indoor and outdoor features in your lovely bedroom. You can apply the same idea in your bathroom installing glass doors and mirrors along with glossy surfaces like such an Apogee bathroom. The modern technology can blend…

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  • Contemporary Kitchen and Bathroom Decorative Inspirations by Candace Nordquist

    Contemporary Kitchen and Bathroom Decorative Inspirations by Candace Nordquist

    If you don’t enjoy your time in the kitchen and bathroom, you may need to remodel them or add new decorative elements. Just make sure the new remodel or addition will include what will make you happy and comfortable. Candace Nordquist’s designs will help you find exactly what you need. Do you love nature and like to spend most of your time outdoors? Do you think you can bring natural elements into your bathroom? Actually, you can install glass and mirrored surfaces to reflect the natural light coming from the window and use natural materials such as stone, wood, and metal to bring the organic beauty into the place. Candace Nordquist and her team use a similar idea designing an indoor Japanese onsen bathroom with a hot water bathtub, sheet-like walls, long fresh plants, neutral colors, secret hidden door, and porcelain tiles with hardwood look. To avoid moisture in your…

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  • Add a traditional elegance to your bedroom design

    Add a traditional elegance to your bedroom design

    Our bedroom is our dream haven where we seek relaxation, coziness, and beauty. There is no doubt when you relax in an elegant and cozy bedroom that will make you happy and satisfied. Don’t give up on having your dream bedroom, what about add a touch of traditional elegance to your bedroom design regardless what design you already have. Adding this touch of traditional elegance will give you a royal feel and original beauty. How to get this touch in the real world, you just need to set a focal point that reflects the elegant atmosphere of the traditional style. You may go for a floral themed element to create this elegant touch. As examples, you may hang a long wall art of floral picture with your favorite designs and colors on one wall and highlight its beauty by wall sconces. If we are going to talk about the wall…

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  • Have fun with decorating your child bright comfortable bedroom

    Have fun with decorating your child bright comfortable bedroom

    A Child bedroom is really funny and challenging task to accomplish. The child bedroom is his/her personal area where he/she needs it is to be comfortable, safe, funny and bright too. The child needs to relax, play, study and have his/her friends in the bedroom, so when the parents are about decorating their child bedroom have to take these needs in their mind. The bedroom should be furnished by everything the child need, bed, dresser, enough storages spaces and his/her private zone with desk and chairs. The bed should be placed in a proper way to enhance the comfortable feeling to the child. To keep them tidy and teach them to clean, you have to choose a wardrobe with good capacity and add more storage option and show them every item place. The child bedroom colors are a great way to enhance their creativity. You don’t have to overwhelm the…

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  • Enrich Your Spirit with a Retreat Modern Bedroom and Master Suite Bathroom by Shelly Handman

    Enrich Your Spirit with a Retreat Modern Bedroom and Master Suite Bathroom by Shelly Handman

    Whether you are remodeling your existing bedroom or constructing a new one, you should create a personal and soothing space with an incorporated bathroom to soar your spirit every morning. You should consider all the details including the colors, materials, and curves. Shelly Handman and his design team will share you a few tips to design a unique retreat bedroom and bathroom. To get a perfect retreat bedroom, you should consider both of the surrounding area and your lifestyle. If you have outdoor natural views, try to install large windows and use less decorative elements to let the natural light fill the place with its magic. In a Chicago home “sits within a beautiful wooded lot beside a picturesque lake, the suite needed to be serene, to echo this quiet, peaceful setting…” Thus, Shelly Handman and his team use serene colors such as seafoam green and white in the bedroom…

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  • Professional Inspirations for Your Upcoming Bathroom Remodel by Chad Hatfield

    Professional Inspirations for Your Upcoming Bathroom Remodel by Chad Hatfield

    When the molds and mildew attack your bathroom the first idea comes to your mind can be a complete bathroom overhaul, but a few effective remodeling touches can do the work. Let’s analyze Chad Hatfield’s bathroom remodeling projects and find out the best way to remodel your own bathroom. Just like any remodeling project, you should define the exact parts you need to renovate, the available budget, your dreams within such a budget, the expected final effect, and the must-have bathroom fixtures for your family members. If you need just to freshen up the look of your bathroom, you can use a strip of drywall sandpaper to remove the unsightly stain without scratching the surfaces. You can make an effective difference in your bathroom replacing small fixtures, towel racks, toilet paper holders, or cabinetry finishes with luxurious options. If your budget permits, Chad Hatfield recommends replacing your old cabinets and…

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  • Innovative Ways to Create a Theme in Your Kitchen and Bathroom Using Tiles with t

    Innovative Ways to Create a Theme in Your Kitchen and Bathroom Using Tiles with the Architectural Ceramics

    Do you prefer to cover the interior parts of your bathroom and kitchen with ceramic or stone tiles to avoid mold and mildew? Remember that such tiles can adorn the walls and floor enhancing the theme of the place. It is an easy trick to provide your small bathroom and kitchen a spacious and bright look using the suitable tiles. For example, Architectural Ceramics Tile and Stone team members decorate a small bathroom with wall white marble tiles and handsome floor white mosaic tiles surrounded by decorative black and white borders. The same pattern of the boarders decorates the walls of the shower area to create a sense of balance in the place. In a similar small kitchen, the designer Jennifer Gilmer creates an accent wall using beige ceramic tiles to cover the backsplashes with the rest of the wall. If you have a modern sleek home and need to add…

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  • Luxurious Tight Kitchen and Bathroom Design and Decor Ideas by the Adams

    Luxurious Tight Kitchen and Bathroom Design and Decor Ideas by the Adams

    You may sacrifice one of the kitchen and bathroom services because you have limited areas in your home. However, you can inspire certain ideas from professional designers such as Melissa Adams to create custom full-service kitchen and bathroom and decorate them in a luxurious way. The neutral colors with a touch of colorful mosaic tiles or natural stone will provide your bathroom a luxurious and spacious look. Melissa tries to make use of every inch in the bathroom walls creating a bathtub beside one wall, a vanity with plenty of mirrors beside the opposite one, and a glass shower cabin along with open shelves for the towels with a glass door in the third wall. The bathroom may seem clutter, but the glass walls and mirrors in addition to the white furniture provide the place a uniquely spacious look. The whitewashed bathroom walls with zinc mosaic tiles on the walls…

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  • Unique Bathtub Designs for an Enjoying Bathing Experience

    Unique Bathtub Designs for an Enjoying Bathing Experience

    Having a unique experience every time you enter your bathroom will entirely change your life and renew your power. If you can install an impressive and comforting bathtub, you will mostly spend such an amusing experience after your long day of hard work. The personal soaking bathtub will give you a spa feel using its crystal clear water and futuristic look. It has built-in lighting and audio systems in addition to the cover that resembles the pure sky. The celestial bathtub contains 360 LED lights in addition to the unique sound system that will let you change your mood while soaking into the water. The colorful lights of the bathtub will be able to change the decor of the whole bathroom. The shore bathtub can adjust its width, length, and shape according to your demand. It can be too large so that you feel as if you are soaking in…

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  • 7 Impressive Shower Head Designs for a relaxing Bathroom

    7 Impressive Shower Head Designs for a relaxing Bathroom

    Having an impressive showerhead means that you will have enjoying and relaxing times in your bathroom. You can just imagine the shape of your new showerhead, and you will certainly find your target in the specialized stores. This article will provide you a few innovative designs to inspire your imagination with the features of your ideal showerhead. The musical showerhead has waterproof speakers to let you enjoy relaxing sounds while you are relieving your body with the warm or cold water. Moreover, the showerhead will let you adjust the type of the flowing water from a waterfall to a wide rain. The cleansing horizontal showerhead combines the features of a bathtub and a shower as it is made of elegant stone-cladfixtures to let you lie on the floor and let the rain apply a natural massage to your body. You can have an enjoying shower experience using the soapy showerhead…

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  • Impressive Modern Kitchen and Bathroom Faucet Designs

    Impressive Modern Kitchen and Bathroom Faucet Designs

    The sleek and high-tech design of your modern kitchen and bathroom will be greatly enhanced by your careful choice to every piece of furniture and fixtures including the faucets.The modern faucets come with various designs with unique look, LED lights, and touch screens. The scrubber integrated bathroom faucet has a built-in scrubbing pad made of a soft material and short bristles to wash the dirt quickly from your hands. The sleek thermo chromatic faucet has a modern and sleek design to let you adjust the temperature of the water accurately in addition to decorating the place using its six LED lights. The faucet has a ring to control the temperature of water and change the spectrum of light.The branch like faucet has a fluid metal design to let the water come out as the waterfalls. You can install java dispensing faucets in your modern kitchen to be an impressive way…

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  • Creative Bathroom Vanity Design Ideas

    Creative Bathroom Vanity Design Ideas

    The vanity is one of the key parts of your bathroom, as it usually includes a storage space, as ink, a faucet, and a mirror. When you search for a new vanity, you should take into consideration the size, style, and decor of your bathroom, the number of your family members, and your lifestyle. This article will show you different options to the bathroom vanities to find out what will exactly blend with your own bathroom. If you have a large number of family members and a small bathroom, the back-to-back floating vanities will let two persons use bathroom together and save a floor space to be an additional storage area.Such vanities have wall-mounted sinks and suitable sized countertop in addition to the storage cabinets below. You can install a freestanding cabinet above the floating vanity to extend the storage space without cluttering your bathroom. The vanity dressing table will…

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