• How Can You Become a Successful Kitchen Designer

    How Can You Become a Successful Kitchen Designer?

    Most of the kitchen designers around the world experienced the same educational step, but the successful designers mostly have a passion for designing and arranging kitchens at the early years of their life. If you are still young or your children have such talents, don’t waste more time and begin your way to be a successful kitchen designer. The story begins by the educational stage as you can join an architectural, engineering, or design school to get a bachelor’s degree. After this step, you can study practical courses about the interior design techniquesto be ready for the real work. At this stage, you can’t be a designer directly. Instead, you may work in a cabinet store, a sales representative for kitchen furniture, or a customer greeter till you find the designer that will hire you as his assistant. Now, your personal abilities and creativity should attract the attention of that…

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  • Ten Key Kitchen Design Elements for 2016-2017 by Jan Hulman Goldman

    Ten Key Kitchen Design Elements for 2020-2021 by Jan Hulman Goldman

    If you are a trend hunter, you will certainly admire the Kitchen and Bath Design Trends Report’s results. Jan Hulman Goldman, the leader of Kitchen Elements team applies most of such design features in her designs to create up-to-date spaces. The transitional kitchens with neutral colors and innovative storage spaces are on the top of trendy kitchens for 2020-2021. Jan Goldman and her team create these features in an Olney kitchen installing glossy off-white cabinets and drawers, colorful glass backsplash tiles, and high-end appliances. For more excitement in such a transitional kitchen, you can install a folding countertop made of stainless steel and laminated plywood or even funny cartoon character backsplash tiles, especially if you have kids. Otherwise, you will choose such tiles to reflect your personality and create a theme in the place. In such a transitional home, it will be trendy to use quartz or granite countertops, built-in…

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  • Top Interior Design Features for 2016 by Jackson Design and Remodeling

    Top Interior Design Features for 2021 by Jackson Design and Remodeling

    This fascinating spring is an ideal time for a whole or partial home remodeling, especially if you will incorporate natural elements into the place. It will be a better idea to combine such natural elements with the latest trendy features for an unmatched look. The team members of Jackson Design will help you choose the suitable trendy features for your coming remodel. When you remodel an existing home, you should use timeless materials for the long-term elements such as the large furniture pieces, cabinets, and floor. As for the small items such as lamps, chandeliers, and countertops, you can use a mixture of natural crystals, colorful minerals, unpolished semi-precious stone, and quartz tops. The black steel and glass doors and windows are perfect options for the solar-operated modern homes with industrial influence. You can choose the textural or semi-finished walls, but the trendy kitchen and bathroom usually have floor to…

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  • The Hottest Kitchen Design Trends for 2016 by Sharon Olsen Designs

    The Hottest Kitchen Design Trends for 2021 by Sharon Olsen Designs

    Are you a home trend hunter or a stylish look lover? In both cases, you will certainly admire the kitchen trends of 2021, as they are timeless, stylish, functional, and inviting. Most of such designs tend to make use of the existing space, incorporate a seating area, utilize high-tech appliances, and utilize multiple natural and artificial materials. The thin and neutral colored countertops that have high resistance to moisture, heat, and shocks is on the top of the hottest 2021 kitchen options. You can install large and small drawers with sleek facades and stainless steel handles instead of the base cabinet to provide the place multiple types of storage spaces. Sharon Olsen of Designer’s Edge Kitchen and Bath uses glossy natural stone countertops in addition to manmade white or black options such as Corian and quartz in her trendy kitchen designs. The kitchen with an integrated seating area is still…

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  • The Expected Interior Design Trends for 2017 by Ownby Design Team

    The Expected Interior Design Trends for 2021 by Ownby Design Team

    The openness to nature and dependence on neutral colors and less simple furniture will certainly affect most of the interior decor in 2021, yet you will be able to add your favorite romantic or energetic colors and textures to keep your home trendy for long years. Ownby team members will guide you to the effective ways to keep your home trendy and interesting for 2021. The neutral colored walls and floor will keep their advanced ranks in 2021, as they are perfect backgrounds to reveal your personality and create your intended mood. However, Ownby team members recommend installing rose quartz curtains, soft furnishings, or furniture upholstery to create a surprising and versatile touch in your modern home. The dark coral and lime green with metallic accents will provide your traditional home a fantastic personality. You will be able to combine the rustic natural stone accents with geometric shaped architectural details…

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  • The Basics of Living Room Color Choices for 2017 by Ruth Livingston

    The Basics of Living Room Color Choices for 2021 by Ruth Livingston

    Your childhood memories certainly include your old home with its white or blue wallpaper and bold colored horizontal striped curtains. Such memories shape your early experience with color before you discover the fixed colors such as blue sky and sea and green land. Now you can shape your kids’ view of life outside their own rooms defining the perfect color combination for your living room. The number of colors used in one room is a confusing decision, but you shouldn’t exceed five different colors in one room. However, you can use more than five different and balanced shades of green or brown to highlight the deep and sophisticated look of the place. At the same time, you can use just one color such as white, off-white, or cream along your living room along with accessories or pillows with a pop of color. There are fixed or optional color schemes that…

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  • Decorate Your Outdoor Room Safely and Aesthetically with Michael Paxton's Tips

    Decorate Your Outdoor Room Safely and Aesthetically with Michael Paxton’s Tips

    When you design a new outdoor room, you are going to create the space you love to be in most of the time. For this, you will consider different criteria including the relaxing look with an impressive touch, safety of kids and adults, and the common favorite elements for your family members. Spending your time in your outdoor room with your family members to enjoy the natural views and practice amusing activities will certainly provide you a psychological safety, but the physical safety is a key to achieve this feel. The fence or barrier around your garden along with well landscaped plants that can hide the fence will help your kids practice their favorite activities without being confined. Actually, if you master the art of landscaping, you will guide your kids and the people with Alzheimer gently to play and go just in the permitted areas. In addition to the…

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  • If You Think the Grey Walls Are Boring, Rachel Reider Will Help You Change Your Mind

    If You Think the Grey Walls Are Boring, Rachel Reider Will Help You Change Your Mind

    Grey is a neutral, unemotional, detached, indecisive, and impartial color that will be a perfect background to any decorative themes. As the colors of your home are a reflection of your personality, you will use such a color if you are a practical, calm, hard worker, emotion controller, person who hates the chaotic outside world and loves to make balanced judgments. However, you should enhance such grey walls using a splash of color like the projects of Rachel Reider. Your choice to a certain shade of grey should reflect the mood you need to create, as the light grey shades will create a lively and airy look, while the darker shades will be dramatic and mysterious. You can counterbalance different shades of grey with warm wood tones and certainly plenty of natural light and metallic accessories to create a unique serenity in the place. Using grey as a base of…

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  • Interesting Artistic Details to Enhance the Sophisticated Look of Your Bedroom and Bathroom by Regina Sturrock

    Interesting Artistic Details to Enhance the Sophisticated Look of Your Bedroom and Bathroom by Regina Sturrock

    The large furniture pieces and heavily ornamented accessories are no longer stylish options, but the decorative details can make the difference. If you love the clean, simple, and timeless spaces, Regina Sturrock’s bedroom and bathroom decorative ideas will certainly inspire you. Your bedroom needs a sense of richness sand comfort to help you spend the nicest hours in your day. For this, Regina Sturrock decorates a French-inspired bedroom and a spa bathroom using a strange combination of neutral colors, warm wood floor, and rich fabrics and textures to let the homeowner spend restful times in such a sanctuary. Regina and her team use a combination of rustic decorative details such as distressed wooden furniture, pale blue accent color, and walnut floor to decorate such an airy southern bedroom. Even if you love the sleek and minimal look, you can create a touch of sophistication placing the bed under a window…

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  • Refresh Your Living Room with One of Such Floor Options Presented by Rayna Marz

    Refresh Your Living Room with One of Such Floor Options Presented by Rayna Marz

    Every element of your home design should reflect a certain part of your personality and participate in creating your desired mood. If you need to create a real and deep change in the look of your living room, just choose a trendy and functional flooring option from the coming list and let the work begin. For a smooth and relaxing feel in your living room, the fiber floor is an amazing option, as it is available in different colors, textures, and finishes and combines the benefits of vinyl, carpet, and laminate flooring. Such a floor option is perfect if you are a change lover, as it is easy to change the finish or the fiber floor just like changing your paint color. If you love the wood floor option, Adura floor with wood molding or vinyl cove and the certified bamboo will be your best options. As a social space,…

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  • A Helpful Guide to the Perfect Kitchen Countertop Materials Inspired from Kitchen Masters Products

    A Helpful Guide to the Perfect Kitchen Countertop Materials Inspired from Kitchen Masters Products

    Your kitchen needs durable, functional, and aesthetic materials to lend with your lifestyle and personality. The marble and granite countertops, for example, are durable and functional with a touch of beauty, while the different types of durable glass are breathtaking but less functional than the previous options. The quartz countertops can create a balance between functionality and beauty. Marble is an elegant natural stone with whirling patterns, soft surface, and light colors. Art Fast of Kitchen Masters team recommends the Italian white Venatino marble with its highly resilient features and contrasting shades. If you love uniqueness, granite countertops will be your perfect choices, as every board has its unique pattern with a diamond-like hardness and low absorption rate. The reflective surfaces, especially glass can provide your kitchen a spacious and airy look with a special sparkle in the place. Room and Board team members use durable clear glass, frosted glass,…

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  • Improve Your Health with Such Outdoor Room Designs by Jacques Saint Dizier

    Improve Your Health with Such Outdoor Room Designs by Jacques Saint Dizier

    Looking at the green landscape is a relaxing experience, as it reflects our origins and provides our minds its unforgettable power. In addition to such psychological benefits, several studies prove that spending most of your time outdoors can fight against cancer, reduce your recovery time, and enhance your general health. The scene of walking bath and garden can easily enhance the value of your home and provide you a great opportunity for social interactions. When it comes to the health benefits, you will love to spend most of your time outdoors. If one of your family members suffers from depression or dementia, he should spend several hours at an outdoor room to enhance his feel of usefulness and productivity and create a familiar surround to encourage his positive activities. Such outdoor spaces can be a backyard or front yard space, a patio, a sunny room, or even an indoor functional…

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  • High-End Floor and Wall Tile Options for Your Kitchen and Bathroom Inspired from Porcelanosa Designs

    High-End Floor and Wall Tile Options for Your Kitchen and Bathroom Inspired from Porcelanosa Designs

    When you design or remodel your kitchen and bathroom, the wall and floor tiles can be a confusing choice with their limitless designs and colors. If you need a help to define the perfect tile choice for kitchen and bathroom, Porcelanosa team members are here to help you. The hydraulic tiles are unique and timeless options that will certainly impress you with their secrets. For example, the hydraulic wall tiles with lively floral tapestries or carpet style flooring will provide your traditional kitchen an artistic and look, while the tiles with circular patterns, geometric sequences, and outlines of stars with warm and neutral colors will blend with your modern or eclectic kitchen and bathroom. According to the size of your kitchen and bathroom and the area you need to cover, you can choose large format tiles or mosaic tiles. The mosaic tiles are perfect options for the accent walls, backsplashes,…

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  • The Positive Effect of Light upon Your Small Space by Paula McDonald

    The Positive Effect of Light upon Your Small Space by Paula McDonald

    The effective way to solve your small space problems is to renovate your home and create an additional room or enlarge the existing rooms. However, this is an expensive and hard-to-apply option; so, you will use alternative ideas such as additional storage spaces, light colors, and lighting options. Here are a few ideas to enlarge the visual look of your small space using various lighting options. The natural light is usually the dominant lighting option in both of the sunny and cold countries. In your small space, the large windows, small windows with light shades, and even skylights are perfect sources of natural light. If you can’t install a large window in every room, it will be a great idea to remodel the place and create an open designed home just like most of Manhattan apartments designed by Paula McDonald design team. The LED lighting bulbs create an innovative technology…

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  • Simple Ideas to Incorporate Metallic Accents into Your Living Room and Kitchen on Budget Inspired from Cynthia Masters' Projects

    Simple Ideas to Incorporate Metallic Accents into Your Living Room and Kitchen on Budget Inspired from Cynthia Masters’ Projects

    The homeowners might see the metallic accents as an old fashion option that can harm eyes or a perfect decorative option that can create a shimmery, glamorous, and iridescent look. Whether you adopt the first or second point of view, Cynthia Masters will provide you a few inspirations to choose the perfect spots and amounts to incorporate such accents into your kitchen and living room. The versatile and glamorous silver finishes create a unique sophistication and sparkle in your living room. Cynthia loves to draw attention in a certain contemporary room surrounding the frames of ceilings and moldings with metallic silver paint along with neutral colored surfaces and a pop of colorful and natural elements such as the eclectic Charleston living room. To create a textured and layered feel in your traditional living room, the coppered tone sofas with terra cotta table lambs and the textured golden and bronze glass…

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  • Incredible Ideas to Provide Your Home a Unique Majestic Feel by Perla Lichi

    Incredible Ideas to Provide Your Home a Unique Majestic Feel by Perla Lichi

    Do you love the Middle Age dramatic scenes and need to live as a king or a queen? Your lifestyle begins from your home, where you spend about most of your childhood and youth time; so, it will be a perfect space to provide you a majestic lifetime. Perla Lichi and her team will inspire you with their gorgeous classic projects and ideas displayed in the coming lines. The soft and relaxing tones, soaring ceilings, silver and golden chandeliers, and luxurious fabrics have an incredible effect upon your interior design. In a traditional Viva India villa, Perla Lichi and her team make the best use of the spacious available area and the homeowners’ love to the classic designs and install artistic furniture, antique accessories, fur and silk throw fabrics, indoor fresh plants, and marvelous views upon the outdoor garden and pool. The attention to details is a tiny, yet incredibly…

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  • Enhance Your Security, Enjoyment and Comfort Using the Latest Kitchen Technology by Debbie Larson

    Enhance Your Security, Enjoyment and Comfort Using the Latest Kitchen Technology by Debbie Larson

    Your kitchen has the lion’s share of technology in your home with its appliances and layered lighting options. Actually, there is an accelerating advance in different fields of kitchen technology to enhance the functionality, entertainment, and aesthetic look of the place. Most of the traditional kitchen appliances need just safe electric sources to operate perfectly. Contrarily, the high-tech appliances might include video, audio, and lighting systems in addition to a network connection to entertain your family members with their different hobbies. To secure your kitchen perfectly and reduce your electric bills, you can install appliances, window shades, and even lights controlled with an app in your smart phone or even with an automation device. For example, you can open the window shades and turn off the lights into your home touching a single or twice buttons even if you aren’t at home. As an official space to prepare and have…

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  • he Importance of Multifunctional Furniture in Your Vacation Home by Challie StillmanT

    he Importance of Multifunctional Furniture in Your Vacation Home by Challie Stillman

    Because it is your second house, you will certainly invest less fortune and consume less space than your original home. However, you may need extra furniture pieces if you will receive your friends or more family members during your stay. For this, Challie Stillman, the design director of Resource Furniture team, recommends the multifunctional furniture in your vacation home. The multifunctional seating furniture will keep the clean and uncluttered look in your vacation home providing you extra seating space whenever you need. The Flex sofa, for example, can serve with its right, left, front, and back as a seating area and a coffee table to adapt with your needs. The Toda bench with an eco-leather cover is another interesting piece, as you can extend it for seven sitting members and a console table. As a multifunctional space, the bunk wall bed system, Murphy beds, and sofa beds will be the…

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  • Awesome Bedroom Decorating Secrets Inspired from Karen Sealy's Projects

    Awesome Bedroom Decorating Secrets Inspired from Karen Sealy’s Projects

    If you consider your bedroom as just a functional space for sleeping and storing your belongings, you waste several types of life pleasure. Your bedroom is a space to relax, experience peaceful hours with your lovers, and even enjoy your hobbies; so, make sure to decorate it in accordance with your personality. Installing a fireplace to your bedroom is a great idea that will provide the place a unique personality and let you enjoy the relaxing warmth most of the year. Karen recommends a contemporary electric fireplace with glass surround and a remote control to adjust the heat as per your needs. To enhance your relaxation and a pop of color to your bedroom, you can install geometric shaped panels to reduce the sound in the place with your favorite finish and color. You can bring unique warmth in a natural way to your bedroom using cottage decorative elements such…

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  • Creative and Luxurious Entry and Hallway Design Ideas by Sandra Oster Interiors

    Creative and Luxurious Entry and Hallway Design Ideas by Sandra Oster Interiors

    Both of the entryway and hallway provide your visitors an impression about your personality, lifestyle, and preferences. That’s why you should brows different entryway online designs with your expected guests’ eyes and define the perfect design for your home. Sandra Oster and her team will help you define the perfect materials, design plans, and decorative elements for such entry and hallway. If you don’t have an outdoor garden, your visitors will form their first impression from the entrance door or gate. There are metal, wooden, and even glass entrance doors with simple, geometric, or complicated shapes to express what is inside your home. In all cases, you should create a simple pathway to the entrance door, a certain type of greenery at the two sides of such a door, and a bold statement lighting system to provide your home a luxurious look. To create an inviting, pleasing, and comforting look…

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