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How to transform your basement to be an extra room?

Every home has. of course, a basement, this basement is often neglected. The basement is considered a treasure at home because it can be transformed to be an extra room. So your basement will add a value to your home while you are able to maximize your home space.

As we above mentioned, because the basement is sometimes neglected, when you decide to convert your basement into an extra room you need to fix it first. The basement is left unfinished, you need to complete it all after that you need to repair every corner in the basement and check the water flow under floor or walls.
Now we are about to talk about what things need to be fixed and how to transform your basement to a worthy living area.

You need to fix the basement infrastructures, but think wisely first, if you can’t accomplish this task by your own, you may prefer assign it to a specialist. You need to do a waterproofing for your basement before redecorating it. This waterproofing will protect your walls, floors and ceiling from water infiltration and this will spoil your basement basis. You need to keep your basement well ventilated

Then you have to decide what kind of room you need you basement to be. According to your decision, you need to choose the right ceiling to install. Then you need to choose a bright color to paint your walls and add life to your basement. Flooring tiles is a must, you need to pick a stylish and functional flooring to fit you taste and your needs. The light fixtures are so important items to install, to brighten up the whole look.

Next you will be able to pick the right furniture, according to the room types. What types can you use your basement for? You can transform your basement to an extra living room, games room for the kids, an extra bathroom or even you can use it as an extra bedroom for your guests.
transform your basement to be an extra room

How to transform your basement to be an extra room

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