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Interior Design living room – Colors, Furniture and Light

Living room ,as it called is designed for living, entertainment, spending more time with family and close friends ,so take it easy and try to not amplify its maintenance and preservation.

Here you are some rules which may help you in choosing pretty interior design for your living room.

1- Make a Design Plan:

This plan mainly depends on your budget and possible costs of the design. You also must ask yourself what kind of activities you will do in the living room? Living, entertainment , watching TV ,for dinner ,reading, …..etc . Upon all this you can determine the type of furniture you need. After putting this plan you can search for different designs in magazines, shop windows ,friends’ homes , on internet ,you also can ask some interior designers of living rooms. But remember that the latest fashions are not always good, and you are the only one who can determine what is suitable for your home.

2- Colors for your Living Room:

Some designers see that light color for living room is the best choice ,as it provides free space in choosing different colors of furniture and drapes. It also allows easy changes in the future without high costs. For ceiling ,light paint gives relaxing feeling ,while darker one reflects warmness, the decision returns to you. About architectural elements ,they should be painted in a contrasting color to the wall

3- Furniture for your Living Room:

It depends on size of the room, in a small one try to not overcrowd it with furniture ,while in a larger room it is better to divide it into seating areas on condition of putting chairs as close as possible to each other. It is preferred for the chairs to be around a focal point as fireplace ,large portray ,television ….etc.

Also try to choose easily cleanable furniture with changeable slip covers.

4- Lighting for your Living Room:

Light has a great effect in changing the look of the room. For example, diffused light makes you living room seem larger, and incandescent light gives a romantic feeling .Light is also used to highlight some valuable pieces. There must be balance between natural and artificial light and this is done by using drapes or dimmers.

Finally ,you don’t know to what extent changing your interior design can affect your life and change it positively. You don’t need to pay large costs, just simple creative ideas are very useful and remember simplicity is the beauty.

interior design living room colors

interior design living room colors

interior design living room colors

interior design living room colors

interior design living room colors

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