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wood furniture – Learn how to take care of your furniture in simplified steps

A lot of specialists in the market advise their clients with the best tips on how to pick their furniture, the latest styles and themes, colours and materials, however, they forget mentioning a major point, what could it be? Maintenance. Maintenance is the fine line between having beautiful shiny furniture and dry and brittle furniture. It also plays a major role in reducing the duration between having brand new furniture and the need to repurchase new glowing items. Are you ready to know what are the tricks for taking care of your furniture?

To take care of ordinary painted wood, you only need a brush to clean occasional dust and a sponge for a more thorough cleaning from time to time. Rubbing your painted wood in any way or trying to clean it in a somehow stronger manner will make it loses it colour. If you felt the need to give it more shine, just apply some hard paste wax once a year and it will be as good as new. For oiled wood, just a fresh oil application will make it last a long time to come. Take care that wax should never be applied to oiled wood as it will block the wood pores which will make it get drier.

Furthermore, oiled wood is all about the warmth and glow and retaining these qualities is the target behind a fresh oil application. You might find white circles on the wood, they are mainly formed by backing soda or pumice or salt or ash. All you have to do is rubbing them with a tooth paste or oil on a soft cloth. You are free to use cooking oil or olive oil or petroleum jelly. For polished wood wax paste is the best option with a long lasting finish glow. For the previously mentioned white spots or rings, just apply mayonnaise and let it stay for sixty minutes the clean and polish. Specialty wood like rattan or cane or wicker only need to be vacuumed and brushed thoroughly.
wood furniture – Learn how to take care of your furniture in simplified steps

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