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Design your bedroom with a gorgeous Swedish style

A bedroom is our favorite room in the house where you spend almost a half of your day relaxing and enjoying your free private time. You need something cheerful and simple to enjoy your privacy inside your personal bedroom.
The Swedish bedroom design is the best choice for the one who is seeking for the simplicity with a charming look. The Swedish style is characterized by light, bright, airy decorating designs.

The dominated colors of this design are the light and airy colors like white and pastel blue on the wall or floor. Because of the simplicity of the Swedish design, there is no overwhelming of colors so the accents only which is supposed to add colors with the basic one. You may add colored accessories to brighten up the look; these preferable colors are pale greens, lavender, yellow and rose.

Then come to the furniture, you need to pick simple and clean line furnishings. The Swedish furniture is always made of natural wood like birch, alder, pine and beech. When you want to paint this furniture, it has to be simple and light colors like white, cream or gray. Then you need to take care that the wooden Swedish furniture is simple without overwhelming decorations but it is possible to have some simply stenciled designs.

The floor like the other elements of the Swedish design is simple and plain. It is also preferred to be natural wooden floor with some simple stencil decoration as stripes. You may add a simple blue or white rug. The lights are also very important features to add warm and charming atmosphere. You can add a wooden frame to your ceiling lights to add a beautiful look.

Then you have to choose simple accessories and plain window treatment. You can add a white flower vase and mirrors to reflect the lights and add charming look. As simple as you go as elegant you achieve. For windows, simple windows’ sheers in pale blue or white are perfect to complete the overall look of the Swedish design.
Design your bedroom with a gorgeous Swedish style

Design your bedroom with a gorgeous Swedish style

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