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How to design your living room

Do you have your living room dream, that both your guests and family actually enjoy?

Follow the following guidelines to decorate it.

1) Clip. Assemble a clipping collection of your favorite rooms from magazines.(regardless of cost)

2) Focal point. Decide a layout for your room, conversation areas& a focal point.(see: Deciding on a Layout for Your Room Design).

3) De-clutter. Decide what you can keep in the room.

4) step away from the wall. Visit:” The Basics of Furniture Arrangement”.

5) Have a seat. Strive to sit at least 6 people even in a small room.

6) Area defined. Define conversation& seating areas with area rugs.

7) Details. Use architectural & furnishings details to delineate a space.

8) The color of drapes. It looks best in the dominant color of the largest piece of furniture.

9) Look out below. The floors should be darker than the walls.

10) On the diagonal. Placing furniture on a diagonal can provide vitality to your design.

11) On display. Place art opposite the seating arrangement so that guests can enjoy it.

12) Looking back at you. Don`t place mirrors where your guests see themselves constantly.

13)Pull out a seat. Place extra seating under tables or desks & pull them only when needed.

14) Shedding light on the subject. Vary the types of lighting according to use. Visit(Four Types of Lighting Every Room Should Have).

15) It`s alive. Bring in some live plants in the room.

16) The maze. Make walking paths between furnishings especially when lights go out.

17) Adding “stuff”. Add striking accessories to your room.

18) Here comes color. You can bring lots of colors with your neutral room with pillows

, accessories or art.

19) Reuse, recycle, re-purpose. Rethink to reuse your old furnishings as possible.

20) Don`t keep in the dark. Make certain that every seat has access to light and a table.

How to design your living room
How to design your living room
How to design your living room
How to design your living room
How to design your living room
How to design your living room


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