Modern Soundproofing Products for your Home

Soundproofing products come in the widest variety of forms today, since we are in the era where noise disturbances are everywhere, whether in work or at home, our privacy and peace of mind are diminishing. This array of forms extended to include walls, curtains, windows, doors, carpeting, and other insulation materials. In addition, installing them in your home will be of a great value if you ever considered a resale.

Soundproofing techniques are usually affordable and easy to install. For example, foam insulation for walls and the drywall application are both efficient in lowering the transmission of sound. Also, when choosing doors, avoid hollow ones and pick real wooden doors which will work as a strong barrier. However, wooden floors will need plush carpeting or rugs to dampen the sounds.

Another point is that if there are gaps in your windows; try to seal them with caulks or sealants. Or for a better alternative, install double panes windows. Although it could be a little expensive, but it’s completely worth it since double panes windows can block more than 95% of outside sounds, which means no traffic noises or barking dogs or the likes.

The cost of double panel windows isn’t that high compared to soundproof curtains. Since, in the long run, they’re more durable as they never wore or fade. Also, they provide stronger sound control and will match whatever décor you install if you decided to upgrade your home. Additionally, double panel windows contain two panes of toughened glass; the air space between the two panes will reduce heat loss in winter and keep the room cooler in summer. Besides, the toughened glass will withstand storms and break-in attempts, thus adding extra security.

Soundproof curtains will also help you control reverberations within the room. They vary in price and quality, but before purchasing a curtain, hold it up to the light, if you can see through the fabric then don’t waste your money. Also look for washable fabrics since they are known to be more durable. Soundproof curtains are usually made of a rubber polymer backing attached to the face fabric. If you want a more decent choice, look for one with a separate backing and with a higher NRC rating.
Modern Soundproofing Products for your Home

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