Teenage Girls’ Bedroom Decorating Ideas

Your bedroom is the place you came to after you had a bad day or a very tiring one. It is your personal space that you need and one that cannot be attained in any other room. The same goes with the girls as they want their bedroom to reflect their mind frames and who they really are.

Some girls like to have a unique bedroom. So, in this section, we present you with few unique ideas for a teen girl. For instance, you can glue clothes, shoes, jewelry or music CDs to the walls, ceiling, light switch and headboard. You can also sew pockets onto the lampshades and shirts onto the curtains.

Another idea that you may use in your unique decoration scheme is using foam sheets to make dollar signs, giant coins, flowers, animals and words or other shapes and glue them to the walls.

Most girls prefer the color pink in the bedroom as it brings calmness into the room along with it a touch of fairytales. However, other popular colors are red and orange. Whatever color you decide on, the key is to coordinate your bedroom accessories with your walls, bedding and window treatments.

If your bedroom is small, choose open colors like light green or pale pink to make your bedroom space is bigger. You can also use mirrors to make your room seem larger.

You can also repaint, refinish or simply stencil your bedroom furniture and accessorize your closet doors and dresser drawers with decorative knobs.

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Teenage Girls’ Bedroom Decorating Ideas

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