Timeless and Elegant Ideas by James Patrick Walters

Your home is an inspiration of your previous experiences and existing personality. Just remember these features whenever you design a new home or remodel an existing one and you will be unbelievably relaxed whenever you enter your home. Let’s discuss a few features of James Patrick’s projects and find the best ideas for your timeless and elegant home.

If you are a fan of the classic home designs, James Patrick Walters’ design to his home will be certainly inspired. Walters uses incredibly warm elements such as glossy walnut accent walls, natural elements, and harmonized shades of brown color around the home. The designer is able to display his collections and artworks creatively using open shelves and dramatic hidden light in the dining room, living room, and bedroom.

In Jolla, James Patrick Walters and his team design a timeless Asian home with inspiring warm elements such as stone and wooden wall accents and fresh Asian plants. The dimmer and soft lighting options in the private rooms in addition to the large windows in the gathering rooms enhance the timeless look of such a Zen Paradise home. Walters’ team members design an incredibly fascinating outdoor living space near the swimming pool to let the homeowners enjoy the natural views during the sunset and night charming hours.

To mix modern and traditional elements in your home, you should keep a sense of harmony in the place using creative ways. In a mid-century high-rise home, James Walters and his team mix high-end modern furniture and lighting options with historic and beach-themed accessories displayed in different parts of the home.

Using a mix of natural elements in a resort-like home, James Walters and his team combines the warm and timeless interior look with outdoor natural beauty. In the bedroom and bathroom, the designers use clutter-free spaces with luxurious furniture and fixtures to look like a real resort.
Timeless and Elegant Ideas by James Patrick Walters
Timeless and Elegant Ideas by James Patrick Walters

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