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Amazing Childern’s Bedroom Designs By Pamela Jaffke

Our children comprise the most important parts of our lives and we want only the best for them. That is why we must refer to an interior designer as fine as Pamela Jaffke to design a perfectly amazing bedroom for our children. Pamela’s passion for art started since her childhood when she spent hours drawing pictures. Destiny and her persistence toward doing what she loves, lead her to be a prominent interior designer with about 25 years of experience.

A mother of her own children, Pamela is capable of relating to you as a parent and your child’s needs when it comes to bedroom interior design. Not only did Pamela complete a four year program at UCLA’s School of Interior & Environmental Design, she’s also a professional member of the American Society of Interior Designers (ASID) and a CCIDC certified interior designer in California. Being a client of Pamela gives you the advantage of receiving affordable special furniture as she works directly with over 200 of the world’s leading manufacturers of fine furnishings and accessories.

Amazing Childern's Bedroom Designs By Pamela Jaffke

In this amazing children’s bedroom design is inspired from garden’s setting that let’s children feel in touch with nature. The usage of a garden mural throughout the room give the room more dimension and brings joy that plain colored walls can’t express. Harmony to the theme was considered all over the room from the green carpeting to the cloudy ceiling and even with the light carrying ceiling fan that is decorated with beautiful stickers.

Amazing Childern's Bedroom Designs By Pamela Jaffke

Teenagers are known for their love of posters that represent their favorite things which express their personality. Having these posters carefully placed in similar frames which are equally spaced from one another give a sense of respect to the teenager’s taste and clear organization in the room. The light color of the walls are appropriate for the room’s size as it makes the room look spacious. The lighting had been taken care of around the work station and gives the room unique character through the extraordinary chandelier and matching light stand.

Amazing Childern's Bedroom Designs By Pamela Jaffke

This enchanting bedroom looks like it have been stolen right out of a fairy tale! Such a setting can vivify your child’s imagination to think of beautiful stories to pretend play. The existence of a sofa bed in the room is very helpful as it saves the space of placing a side seat for sitting and reading. The mix of different throw pillows with such various patterns provide a very cozy look to the room environment.

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